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Personal Information
Other Name(s) Worris
Occupation(s) Wolf Tribe Leader
Wolf Tribe Warrior
Weapon(s) Maulus
Vehicle(s) Huntor Speedor
Affiliation(s) Neutral
Biological Information
Gender Male
Tribe Wolf Tribe
Status Alive
Voiced By Scott Shantz
First Episode The Legend of Chima
First Product 70011 Eagles' Castle
Chima is ours!
— Worriz

Worriz is the leader of the Wolf Tribe, and was a secondary antagonist in season 1. He is included in sets 70011 Eagles' Castle and 70009 Worriz's Combat Lair. Later appearances include the Wolf Legend beast and Maula's Mammoth Stomper.



Wolves are pack animals who live in such close quarters that they share a kind of hive mind. Group decisions are usually arrived at easily and unanimously, so there is no real need for leaders. However, the wolves' transitory nature and traveling battle caravans often bring them into contact (and conflict) with other creatures, so someone in the tribe has to handle negotiations with "the others" (as all nonwolves are known). Worriz was given this role because he was considered "the most personable." In reality, he is a vicious, ruthless backstabber. His only saving grace is that he is able to disguise his true nature long enough to fool the other creatures. He can even occasionally fake a bit of "charm" when needed. He is the closest thing the merciless wolves have to a "statesman," but that's not saying much.


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  • Worriz's name seems to be a play on worry, if going by spelling, or war, if going by pronounciation.
  • Despite being excited about Lavertus' custom armor in episode 21, he recieves no armor change in the following episodes except for the addition of silver shoulder plates, this could be because none of the Outlands sets include him in the new armor.
  • It appears that Worriz has a crush on Windra, this can best be seen in the Wolf Speed dating Wepisode and multiple times throughout the TV series itself.
  • Worriz seems to rely heavily on his pack, as he expresses concern for being gone so long in Episode 20.
  • Worriz has a hatred of plants, this saved him from the influence of a Persuader plant in Episode 10 and was brought up again in Episode 39 while in combat with Gorzan.
  • In Laval's Journey, he uses a pair of claw glowes that are original to the game.
  • In Laval's Journey, he is the final boss of the game, though in a more crazed state duo to the Hundred Year Moon.


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