Chima Chi

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Not to be confused with the actual land of Chima.
The World of Chima is an expansion and area of LEGOLAND Florida, a 30-acre interactive area inspired by Legends of Chima and its TV series. It is presented by Cartoon Network.
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The majority of the World of Chima expansion is taken up by the elaborately themed area containing the new Quest for Chi attraction. Guests step through a giant lion’s head (representing the Lion Chi Temple) revealing the 45-foot tall “floating” Mount Cavora towering over a winding waterway with life-sized LEGO boats, each guided by Laval. The centerpiece of the World of Chima is The Quest for Chi, an interactive water ride that, like the rest of the park, is aimed squarely at young children, offering a chance to fire water canons at targets that include LEGO characters and others on and near the ride, ensuring no one leaves the area dry.

For even smaller guests, the World of Chima also offers a small water play area called Cragger’s Swamp, filled with mist and bubbling water fountains and jets that circle a few LEGO characters. For older guests, the World of Chima offers a chance to play with some of the more interactive LEGO toys called Speedorz. Kids and adults can try their hands at aiming and firing small LEGO vehicles across ramps and through hoops, requiring a bit of skill to complete.

The final element of the World of Chima, naturally, is a store, selling plenty of related merchandise from apparel to a wide range of LEGO building kits, toys, and dress-up gear. Laval and Cragger also have daily meet-and-greets.



The Quest for CHI

Cragger's Swamp

Speedorz Arena

Razar's Bazaar