Twin Blade
Personal Information
Name Twin Blade
Other Name(s) WindShadow
Owner(s) Lavertus
Vehicle Type Aircraft
Built By Lavertus
Abilities/Used For Air Assault
First Product 70129 Lavertus Twin Blade

Living in exile for so long has given Lavertus a lot of time to hone his inventing skills. One of his greatest creations is the Twin Blade aka the WindShadow, which he uses to fly high above the Outlands’ dangerous plants and creatures while he scouts out his surroundings. Its CHI-powered engine gives it great speed and power, but using its blasters drains the engine fast, so Lavertus prefers to reserve them for only the most dire emergencies.


  • Like the Roarcycle the Twin-Blade receives a different name in the series, being called the Wind-Shadow.
  • Wind-Shadow is the reversal of Shadowind, Lavertus' alternate identity, the similarities were pointed out by Eris in episode 24.
  • In one of the webisodes, Razar takes the Wind-shadow and attempts to sell it, after failing and wrecking multiple tribes homes, he proceeded to return it to Lavertus' home.
  • Despite being a helicopter, it is capable of aileron rolls (often incorrectly capled barrel rolls), as demonstrated multiple times in the show and in a webisode.