When the balance of the CHI is lost and the wounds of the world are deep... Then shall the tribes unite to reveal the sacred triple-CHI armor... For one who is worthy shall wield its power, and all of Chima will be renewed.
— Eris speaking the prophecy of the armor
The Triple-CHI armor is a powerful set of armor that only appeared in the game Legend of Chima: Laval's Journey.


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The armor grants the same powers as normal CHI, but greater and for a longer period of time, however the armor, if used for evil, can be extremly dangerous and can lead to futher harm to the balance of Chima and aparently can lead to the user, losing control of the power. However if the armor where to be taken to the area where the imbalance first started, the armor can then be used to heal the wound of Chima.


  • Even though the armor is called, the Triple-CHI armor, it does not have any CHI orbs in it, instead it haves what looks like CHI orb like objects that can be pushed to CHI up the user.
  • When Worriz uses the Triple-CHI armor, there are strangely an aura that looks like his claw gauntlets on the armor's fist.