Wolf camp

The Wolf Camp

Where is it?

The Wolf Camp is located in CHIMA near a bunch of mountains as you can see in the hundred year moon. The Wolves live in tent like dens with light. They usawally work on there tanks and try to take CHI from the Lions but in season 2 and 3 Worriz (leader of the wolves) Decided to unite with the other tribes and then they became allies.

The Members 

  • Wakz The Elder and Worriz`s uncle
  • Worriz The Leader of the Wolves
  • Windra The pilot and mechanic of the tribe.
  • Willhurt Is A soilder,warrior Wolf
  • Winzar Is one of the gaurds
  • Wonald Is the pup of the tribe and is a vegetarian wich makes him an kind of an outcast of the wolves.
  • Wora The daughter of Worriz and Windra (Making her the Princess) and is the most skilled of her tribe

When was it inhabited

When the new tribes of Chima were created they all were separated and had homes. The Wolf Tribe made their home like an camp and lived there for centuries ever since.