The Sixteen Realms are a variety of worlds parallel to Ninjago, which could be transferred via the Realm Crystal, an artifact that was located in the Tomb of the First Spinjitzu Master. Following the apparent destruction of the Cursed Realm after the Preeminent was destroyed, along with the destruction of Djinjago, there are currently only fourteen realms. In the series, the realms act as the ultimate setting for the events that take place.

The ultimate setting for the show and a few others, the Sixteen Realms are various, individual dimensions and worlds parallel to Ninjago.


The Sixteen Realms, including Chima, came into existence as several worlds parallel to the realm of Ninjago.

List Of Realms

  • The Underworld
  • The Cursed Realm (Destroyed)
  • Djinjago (Destroyed)
  • Cloud Kingdom
  • Realm of Madness
  • Departed Realm
  • Chima
  • Ninjago
  • Realm of the Oni and the Dragon (the first realm, as revealed in Ninjago's 8th season)


  • Two of the Sixteen Realms are settings for a TV series; in this case, Chima, and Ninjago.
  • Beneath Forever Rock is an entrance to another, unknown realm.[citation needed]


  • The concept of the Sixteen Realms is similar to the Nine Realms from the Marvel Comics. Notably, the fact that Chima is one of these worlds indicates that the Ninjago and Chima franchises share a universe, though whether worlds based on other LEGO properties are also presently unknown.
  • Consequently destroying a realm could destroy a sister realm within proximity.
  • The Sixteen Realms are surrounded by a infinitely vast, formless void, known as the Ethereal Divide.
  • It is a common misconception that Ninjago is part of the sixteen realms. In actuality, the sixteen realms are parallel to Ninjago. Including Ninjago, there were seventeen realms.