The Legend Thief
The Legend Thief
Season 2, Episode 3
Vital statistics
Air date March 29, 2014
Written by John Derevlany
Directed by Peder Pedersen
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A Tangled Web The Eagle and the Bear
The Legend Thief is the 23rd Episode of Legends of Chima and the third episode of Season 2


The eight heroes are troubled when things go missing and find out that Lavertus is Shadowind. As a team they race Lavertus and beat him. In Chima Crooler tries to make a deal with the spiders, but while she talks they use their limbs to pick the locks. While they break out they take Plovar with them so he can clean and fix Spinlyn's fangs. On the way to the scorpion's lair, Lavertus said he won the Golden Chi so he would use it to make hisspeedor gauntlet, and would use the rest to make a bigger wall to keep out the dark tribes. In the Scorpion's Lair, the scorpions use the golden chi to build a statue of "The Great Scorpion in the sky" whom they believed dropped the chi down the gorge of eternal depth. To free the legend beast, Razar dumps golden paint on the Scorpions and has the Raven Legend pick them up and stash them. Upon leaving, Razar left his Speedor behind. Scorm decides to build more Speedors. At the end of the episode The Dark Tribes are seen chiping rock off of Mount Cavora to make Speedor wheels.


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