The Hundred Year Moon
The Hundred Year Moon2
Season 1, Episode 7
Vital statistics
Air date July 24, 2013
Written by John Derevlany
Directed by Peder Pedersen
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Attack on Eagle Spire The Biggest Race Ever

The Hundred Year Moon is the 7th episode in the Legends of Chima and the 7th episode in season 1.


Every hundred years, a Purple Moon occurs, causing the Wolves to lose all their primal instincts, and go completely out of control. Crooler had a deadly idea. She and the crocs bag kidnaps G'Loona, and tied her up to the Forever Rock, with a message saying that this was a game as well as a huge pile of bananas. Gorzan came to the Lions for help. Him and Laval went through the forest, but the Wolves had already destroyed. G'oona kept screaming, where Gorzan went to find her. The wolves wrecked their transportation, so they began walking, where they meant Skinnet. They then met Eris and Grumlo at the Gorilla Forest. The whole Gorilla Tribe went to get G'Loona, but Wonald the Wolf was bringing her back. Gorillas VS Wolf. The Gorillas didn't stand a chance against the Hundred Year Moon Wolves. When they got back to the Forest, it was day, and the hundred year moon was over. Skinnet, not knowing this was the case, unleashed a HUGE stink that could be seen above the treetops.


Errors & Goofs

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  • The final stage in Laval's Journey, happends during a Hundred Year Moon.
  • The Wolfs are shown eating drumsticks, indicating that there must be non-anthromorpic animals in Chima, though its unknown if they where sentient like Plovar.