The Heart of Cavora
Season 3, Episode 15
Vital statistics
Air date November 22, 2014
Written by John Derevlany
Directed by Peder Pedersen
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Wings of Fire TBD
The Heart of Cavora is the 41st episode of Legends of Chima and the final episode in Season 3, and the final episode in the series.


Lavertus and Lagravis still have their army defending the city, but the tide soon turns as the Ice Hunters awaken the Ice Bear Tribe, which then attacks everything in sight. Bladvic and his tribe arrive and fight the Ice Bear Tribe in a blind fury. While Laval, Cragger, and Eris have found all but one of the Wings of Fire and look for the final Wings of Fire at the Forever Rock. Eris has a dream-like vision of Fluminox telling her to look around the Forever Rock and eventually Eris reaches in and grabs the final piece. Then Eris calls their friends from the main tribes and together they fly to Mt. Cavora at top speed to cause another Illumination only to be halted by the Vulture Tribe. Meanwhile, Sir Fangar and most of the Ice Hunters make it into the Phoenix Temple and fight King Fluminox. However, Fluminox soon falls and entrusts Flinx to launch the Illumination. The others make it into the heart of Mount Cavora and Flinx jumped in and becomes the ninth phoenix. After the Illumination, the Ice Hunters are healed of their near-rotted appearances and corruption while Panthar is restored to Tormak. The Phoenix leave Chima and ascend to the sun with their task complete. Chima becomes a paradise land once again completely void of evil and the eight heroes stand atop Mount Cavora with peace and balance restored to their home. When Cragger asks Laval what he sees from Mount Cavora, Laval states that he sees hope, joy, the power of nature, the world in balance, the spirit of their friendship, and the Legends of Chima. The final scene of the episode shows that Chima and it's surrounding area are part of a floating island that is hovering about different lands. As the sense fades, Cragger asks how they are going to get down from the mountain they are on.


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  • Unlike the other season 3 episodes, this episodes does not use the "Day of Glory" song for the intro. instead it opens with the final parts of the "Ancient Hunters" theme.