The Biggest Race Ever
Season 1, Episode 8
Vital statistics
Air date August 21, 2013
Written by John Derevlany
Directed by Peder Pedersen
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The Hundred Year Moon Gorillas Gone Wild

The Biggest Race Ever is the 8th episode in the Legends of Chima and the 8th episode in season 1.


The Sacred Pool in the Lion Temple has produced the biggest orb of Golden Chi ever. Both the Wolves and Crocodiles are scheming and Cragger has hired Chima’s greatest Speedor Rider Dom de la Woosh to win the Golden Chi for him. Laval completely forgets his Speedor is dying out, so he plugs a Chi. He then caught up and beat Bladvic, Rogon and Skinnet. Half way through the race, Cragger pushes Laval into the water, full of Piranhas. He was then pulled out by a mystery hero, ShadoWind. Who then sped ahead and won the race. Cragger followed him to get his identity, but never caught up to him. Laval and Eris met Dom De La Woosh on the way home, and the Woosh mentioned what a great rider Laval was.


Errors & Goofs

  • When Laval walks back to his speedor after talking to Cragger about their past being fans of Dom De La Woosh, Eris is shown from the back, showing her legs lacking back printings, which makes it look like her behind is not covered.


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  • This is Dom De La Woosh's first appearance in the series
  • This is also ShadoWind's first appearance in the series.