Royal Shield
Royal Shield
Personal Information
Name Royal Shield
Owner(s) Laval
Lagravis (Presumably)
Weapon Type Shield
Forged By Lion Tribe
Forged For Lion Royalty
Abilities Defense
Blinds the Enemy's Sight
Last-Minute Strength Boost

Given to Laval by his wise father King Lagravis, the Royal Shield represents the strength and honor of the Lion Tribe. It resists all but the most powerful blows, and its mirrored finish can dazzle and confuse an enemy. The CHI crystal in its center is not merely decorative, but can grant a last-minute boost of strength to an exhausted warrior if he is deserving.


  • There are elaborate carvings on the shield in the TV Series, for some reason, this does not appear in its set form. If LEGO has chosen to do so, this could have been included as a sticker on the shielf itself.
  • The design on the shield resembles that of a Skrall's from BIONICLE.