Rhino Bike
Rhino Bike
Personal Information
Name Rhino Bike
Other Name(s) Rock'n Rollin Rogon Roller
Owner(s) Rogon
Vehicle Type Land, Bike
Built By Rhino Tribe
Abilities/Used For Fast
Status unknown
First Episode Into the Outlands

When a rhino is involved, even a small vehicle is large. Powered by its enormous stone rear wheel, Rogon’s Rhino Bike aka the Rock'n Rollin Rogon Roller smashes and crashes its way through the Outlands, rolling right over any obstacle in its path. It’s also equipped with a stone flinging catapult, if Rogon ever remembers to use it!


  • The Rhino Bike has made two appearances in the TV Series, once in Episode 21, where Rogon rescued the heroes from Bats, and in Episode 22, where Rogon used it as part of his plan to rescue the Rhino Legend Beast.