Personal Information
Affiliation(s) None
Biological Information
Gender Male
Tribe None (outcast)
Family Unknown Eagle father and unknown Raven mother
Status Alive
Voiced By David Attar
First Episode Fake Chi, Real Trouble
My father was an Eagle, my mother was a Raven, but neither Tribe never really wanted me. All these years I have tried changing my body to become more like them, but I still can't even fly. Then I decided instead to make all of chima like ME!
— Reagull's origin

Reagull is a half Eagle and half Raven alchemist. He created Fake Chi in order to gain control of everyone for making him an outcast. Reagull was also in posession of persuader plant seeds.

In the TV Series

In "Fake Chi, Real Trouble", Crooler sought a way to control her brother's mind again. Razar takes her to Reagull, who tricks Crooler and the crocodiles into giving out his "chi". The Chi, however, would eventually make everyone act like chickens when used. Despite this, Reagull's Chi ended up being used to stop the wolves when they stole it from Cragger and Laval. At the end of the episode, Laval and Cragger tied balloons to him and threw him into the wind. Reagull eventually got the hang of it and enjoyed it, since he could never fly due to his tiny raven wing and his normal sized eagle wing.

In Legends of Chima Online

Reagull takes a far larger role in the game, manipulating the player and other factions to further his own ends.


  • Reagull is the only known cross-tribe "hybrid."
  • From his quote, it would seem that Reagull's parents most likely never wanted him like the other tribes.
  • Reagull's mother was a Raven, and his father was an Eagle.
  • His name is sometimes spelled Reagle.
  • He has several mechanical parts, including a hook hand and metal peg leg, but the reason he has them is not clear, though the TV Series cites the reason as him altering his body to more resemble one of the tribes.
  • His name, in addition to being a combination of 'raven' and 'eagle', might be a play on the word 'seagull'.
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