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Razar poster
Personal Information
Name Razar
Occupation(s) Raven Tribe Warrior
Speedorz Racer
Weapon(s) Insinasabre
Venjacked (Stolen Crocsaw)
Vehicle(s) Chi Raider
Biological Information
Gender Male
Tribe Raven Tribe
Status Alive
Voiced By Jeff Todd

Razar is a merchant and warrior of the Raven Tribe and will ally himself to anyone with the right price tag, regardless if it is right or wrong in morality. He is a smooth talker who will steal and anything and sell it back to the original owner. (even his allies the Wolves and Crocodiles.)



A self-centered opportunist, Razar never does ANYTHING that doesn't somehow benefit Razar. Be suspicious if he ever appears "generous" because he's almost certainly working some kind of angle. At least he's predictable-He will always do the most greedy and selfish thing possible. He has allied himself with Cragger not because of any philosophical sympathies, but because he saw it as the most profitable path to take. Every conflict has its spoils, and Razar has his eyes on snatching up as many of them as possible. Besides, Laval has too much of a "goody two-paws" for him. Will Razar ever see the error of his ways? It depends-is there any money in it? If so...maybe. Razar is a pure mercenary who will fight for the highest bidder...and then steal all their weapons when they're not looking.

As of August 3, his bio has been updated, the new one is below:

The most important thing in Razar’s life has always been: Razar. He wouldn’t do anything for anyone if it didn’t involve profit. So why has he joined with Laval, Cragger, Eris and the others for a dangerous trip to the Outlands, risking his life to save the land’s CHI supply? It’s simple. His sharp mind has calculated that if the Scorpions, Spiders and Bats win, there won’t be any profit to be made by anyone anymore. Now Razar is willing to do things that are generous, even brave, without asking for anything in return—because he’s thinking about all the deals he’ll be able to make when this is all over.[1]


  • Best Friends: Laval, Eris, Gorzan, Worriz, Cragger, Bladvic, Rogon
  • Weapon: Usually flies in a Chi raider, when forced to fight, will use an axe similar to Eagle Exglaxxor.
  • Fighting Style: Usually trying to escape or protect his inventory.
  • Hobbies: Wheeling, dealing and stealing
  • Dislikes: Not making any profit in a day.
  • Quote(s): "I'll make you a Deal"
  • Personailty: Thieving, Greedy, and Opportunistic 


  • His name is a play on the word "Razor".
  • He and his tribe will do anything for "Trinkets and treasure".
  • In the TV series, he is voiced by Jeff Todd.
  • Oddly, Razar's bio was been updated with the Outlands information, despite not appearing at all in the Outlands wave.
  • Like Eris, in the tv show and promotional material, he has no armor, this is probably because most birds (not vultures) can fly away from an attacker, armor would just make it harder to fly and the armor is only needed to hold wings and CHI.


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