Raven veteran

The Raven Veteran, is an enemy and playable character from the video game, Laval's Journey. For the Nintendo 3DS and DS. She can be unlocked from a character Token.

Physical Appearance

  • The Raven Veteran is a black female Raven
  • She wears a silver bikini made from scrap metal
  • Her top is shaped like a winged Raven
  • Her bikini bottom hangs from a red belt and consists of random sheets of scrap metal. She also has raven-themed knee pads.
  • Her eyes are yellow and are surrounded by red markings. She also has a silver mask.
  • Her hands are purple and she has talons.


  • She, alongsides the Raven Warrior, are the only two confirmed female ravens.
  • She is one of the only ravens to wear some sort of leg-clothing.

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