Persuader plant
Persuader plant
Personal Information
Name Persuader plant
Owner(s) Crooler
Weapon Type Plant
Abilities Mind Control

The persuader plant is a near-extinct plant that exists in certain parts of Chima.


The Persuader plant first appeared in episode 2 of the series, but Razar mentioned that the Ravens picked them clean years before, how Crooler managed to get her hands on one at the time of the series is unknown. In the MMO, multiple, huge persuader plants can be found and are requied to be destroyed for some missions. The Persuader plant's last appearance was in the TV series in Episode 26, where Crominus used them to persuade Lavertus and lead to his exile.


The persuader plant emits a magenta colored gas and whenever it is smelled by the victim they will be almost forced to do whatever the culprit wishes.

The Roots, when burned, produce an effect known as the Fog of Destiny, which forces animals to see their true destiny, in the show, however, it seems like it shows them what they really want.


  • Crooler had a small garden of persuader plants.
  • Crominus used the persuader plant on Lavertus in the past, indicating that they may have been more common.