Personal Information
Name Mottrot
Occupation(s) Warrior of the Mammoth Tribe
Vehicle(s) Ejectable Flyer
Affiliation(s) Ice Hunters
Biological Information
Gender Male
Tribe Mammoth Tribe
Family Maula (Mother)
Mungus (Brother)
Status Alive

Mottrot is a Legends of Chima minifigure released in 2014 and a Season 3 character. He is the brother of Mungus and son of Maula.


Mottrot is one of the smartest warriors in all of the Ice Hunter tribes, a master planner who has devised incredibly effective battle strategies. Unfortunately, he doesn’t get much credit for his brains. He is short, and among Mammoths that means you aren’t respected. And his mother, Maula, dotes on his huge, dumb brother Mungus. She gives Mungus the credit for all of Mottrot’s great ideas. Mottrot doesn’t object, because he doesn’t want to get his Mom angry at him. Mottrot can’t even get a little comfort when he gets hurt in battle. Maula will usually just blame him for being clumsy.[1]


  • Unlike Maula and Mungus, Mottrot in the TV Series has a deep voice, why this is is unknown.
  • His name is a play on the words 'Mutt' and 'Rot'.
  • Mottrot's voice actor is the same as Longtooth's.



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