Personal Information
Name Maula
Occupation(s) Leader of the Mammoth Tribe
Vehicle(s) Ice Mammoth Stomper
Affiliation(s) Ice Hunters
Biological Information
Gender Female
Tribe Mammoth Tribe
Family Mottrot (Son)
Mungus (Son)
Status Alive
There's no harm in a simple surrender, deary.
— Maula to Sir Fangar, The Heart of Cavora

Maula is the queen of the Mammoth Tribe, and first appeared in the Summer of 2014.


Maula is a force of nature, like a hurricane or a blizzard. You always know when she’s around, because she is either yelling at her two sons or smothering them with affection. She is loud, loving, extremely strict, and can be cruel both to her children and her enemies. You never see Maula on her own, she always has one or both of her boys with her. She is extremely protective of Mottrot and Mungus and will react with frightening speed if either one of them is hurt. And no one wants to get in the way of an angry mother mammoth …[1]


  • In the TV Series, Maula has a stereotypical Southern Accent.
  • Her name is a play on the word 'maul'.
  • In episode 32, it was shown that Maula loved her sons more than the war they've been fighting, begging Laval to free Mungus after his foot got caught in ice.



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