Personal Information
Name MaCHIgun
Owner(s) Lavertus
Weapon Type Blaster
Abilities Rapid-fire miniature bursts of stinging power

Concealed in hidden holders on LavertusTwin blade, a pair of MaCHIguns gives the exiled Lavertus a secret edge if his vehicle should ever malfunction or crash-land. These small but formidable weapons draw energy from the CHI slicers on top to rapid-fire miniature bursts of stinging power with a short range but a powerful impact. Scorpions and spiders, beware! (Bats, however, can usually just flap out of range.)


  • The name is a play on the words 'Machine Guns'.
  • Despite the similar appearance, the MaCHIguns are different from the Shadowgloks found in Lavertus' Outland Base.
  • The short range and powerful impact could mean it is a shotgun-slug type of weapon.