Lion Tribe
Lion Insignia
Personal Information
Leader Lagravis
Next In Line Laval
Main Warrior(s)
Home Location Under Mount Cavora
Specialty/Occupation(s) Protectors & Distributors of CHI
Weapon Types Valious
Battle Vehicle(s) Lion Tanks
Affiliation(s) Tribes of Chima
Biological Information
Animal Species Lion
Ancestor Lion Legend Beast
Status Alive

The Lion Tribe is one of the animal warrior tribes in Chima. They guard over the sacred pool of Chi, since they are fair and just.They are allied primarily with the Eagle Tribe and the Gorilla Tribe to stop the Crocodile Tribe and their allies from stealing all the Chi in Chima. However, after the end of the first conflict, they sent their prince, Laval, to stop the Outlands tribes and rescue the Legend Beasts. The Lion Tribe apparently has the ability to make a very loud roar and call the other tribes to their aid. Or it could be that only the royal family can do that, since only Lagravis, the Lion Legend Beast and Laval have been seen to use this ability. In the case of the Lion Legend Beast, it roared and fire burst from its mouth in a lion head shape. However, all the Legend Beasts can do this, and the fire is the shape of the heads of their respective tribes.


The Lion tribe resides in a massive castle near the bottom of Mount Cavora, this is essentially the capital of Chima, with it's own market, map room, and is the location of the Chi Pool.

Known Members

Game Characters


  • The Lion Tribe were the last of the first tribes in the Legend of Chima series to have female members of their tribes introduced, the reason for this being that the female lions would need to have their own head mold duo to the fact that female lions do not have manes like male lions do.
  • In the Concept art, the lions are on many occasions shown with large hair, instead of their current animal head.


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