The Lion Legend Beast is one of 8 Legend Beasts rescued by the Heroes in Season 2. 
Lion 2

As seen in TV series.

Lion armor no

Actual set.

The Scorpion Tribe captured it by surrounding it with a pool of water, as no Lion, not even the Legend Beast, can swim. Laval later rescued it by using his 'Inner-Chi' and learning to swim, then teaching the Legend Beast to swim. It's appearances in the first two seasons were Episode 2 and Episode 26. It later appears in Season three multiple times, usually in the Background, and sometimes prominent, such as when Laval gave Li'Ella a ride on its back.


  • The Lion Legend Beast can speak to members of the Lion Tribe by growling and roaring, how this works is currently unknown.
  • The Lion Legend beast was the first Legend beast to recieve armor, courtesy of Lavertus.