You make me feel hopeful, too.
— Li'ella to Laval, The Crescent
Personal Information
Name Li'Ella
Occupation(s) Guards the Hidden City of the Phoenix
Weapon(s) Roarburn
Affiliation(s) Good
Biological Information
Gender Female
Tribe Lion Tribe
Family Tormak (Adopted Father)
Status Alive
Voiced By Meghan Kinsley
First Episode The Crescent
First Product 70146 Flying Phoenix Fire Temple

Li'Ella is a female Lion introduced in the summer of 2014.


The adopted daughter of Tormak, Li-Ella is a member of the guards who watch over the hidden city of the Phoenix. She is tough and smart, and more than able to take care of herself. But her world gets turned upside down when she meets Laval and discovers that there are lions living someplace beside the hidden city, and some of them are cute. What neither she nor Laval know is that the evil Sir Fangar is also interested in Li’Ella and wants her to be his queen when he conquers Chima. Laval, Li’Ella and Fangar are heading for a showdown …[1]


The Crescent

Li'ella was first seen after the Blazing Phoenix Bastion landed on Crescent Hill. She caught Laval's attention, but to a lesser extent, Tormak's as well, and he knocked the Lion down onto his back. The Lioness told her father to stop, Fluminox saying they are here to protect. Tormak told him he was simply protecting Li'ella, in this case from Laval, who she laughed at. 

Laval later thanked her personally for saving the heroes and making him feel 'hopeful'. She herself felt hopeful as well, and she laughed again, guarding the Temple. When Laval mentioned he was in love with her to Lagravis, he himself, for the first time in a very long while, laughed at his so-called love.


  • Li'ella and Laval have a mutual crush on each other.
  • Li'Ella was found in the tunnels, abandoned as a young, possibly newborn cub. How she got there and who her birth parents were/are is still a mystery.
  • In Wings of Fire, Li'Ella may have some connection to Tormak. Whenever Tormak feels pain, Li'Ella will feel pain too.


Episode Appearances


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