Personal Information
Name Iceklaw
Occupation(s) Ice Bear Warrior
Vehicle(s) Mech
Affiliation(s) Ice Hunters
Biological Information
Gender Male
Tribe Ice Bears
Status Alive
First Episode The Heart of Cavora

Iceklaw is a member of the Ice Bear Tribe. He is a minor antagonist who appeared in the final episode of season three.


Icepaw is a reckless daredevil, roaring into battle on the Claw Driller’s Blaster Bike. His favorite tactic is to drive in circles around a target, until the enemy is thoroughly dizzy and confused. Icepaw frequently acts as a scout for the Ice Bears, because he is fast enough to check things out and fierce enough to fight his way out of an ambush. Icepaw never talks, but it’s said you can tell his mood by looking into his icy eyes. Few have the courage to do that, though.


In ancient times, the Ice Bears were the strongest and most berserk tribe ever to step foot in Chima. When Sir Fangar reanimated the other Ice Hunters, he left the Ice Bears frozen in stasis.

Wings of Fire

Sir Fangar demanded the Vultures to quickly go and free the Ice Bears, and they reluctantly agreed.

The Heart of Cavora

The Ice Bears came to the battle at the Lion City and turned the tide in Sir Fangar's favor. However, the regular Bears arrived and easily defeated the Ice Bears.


  • His name is a play on the words 'ice' and 'claw'.
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