The Ice Fortress is a fortress built by the Ice Hunters as their base. Initially, it was pulled by the tanks, but after the Tribes of Chima started using Fire Chi, they built it into the Fangs, directly over a Beaver Tribe bridge on the Gorge of Eternal Depth.

There is a room here where Sir Fangar keeps the frozen animals of Chima as trophies, such as Scorm, Scolder, Scutter, Scrug, Spinlyn, Sparratus, Sparacon, Blista, Braptor (somehow), Spindle, Crominus, Crunket, several Beavers, Razcal, Dom de la Woosh and Furty. All these prisoners were melted out by Flinx. Lagravis was also once of these prisoners.

At first, all attacks on the Ice Fortress were stopped by Fluminox in fear of it melting and flooding Chima, but when Sir Fangar abducted Li'ella, Tormak had the Tribes of Chima attack the Fortress, defrosting all the prisoners and causing it to collapse during the battle between the Dark Tribes and Laval's friends. The Dark Tribes fell back into the Gorge, and Li'ella was nowhere to be seen, though Laval and Tormak got Flinx out before so, and Sir Fangar did not seem to escape, but he did with Li'ella.

Much later, after Laval, Eris, Cragger, Lavertus and the Phoenix escaped the Gorge, they discovered Sir Fangar had pulled the collapsed Ice Fortress out and was now marching toward the Lion Temple.