Hundred Year Moon 1

The Hundred Year Moon is an event that happens every hundred years in Chima. It occurs during the events of the episode "The Hundred Year Moon" and during the ending of the video game Laval's Journey.


Centuries ago, when nothing at all grew in Chima, there was only sand, skunks, and a purple moon. That's when the skunks of Chima blessed this land with their special smell, turning it into the lush paradise it is today...
— Skinnet, "The Hundred Year Moon"
Hundred Year Moon 2

The event is said to occur every 100 years. It drives the wolves into a dangerous feeding frenzy, causing them to revert to a primal hunting state and lose their intelligence temporarily. "Vegetarian" wolves, such as Wonald, will instead crave other food, such as bananas.

In the episode "The Hundred Year Moon," Worriz and the other wolves decide to warn every tribe ahead of time that they will not be in control during the event. This causes King Cragger to take advantage of the chaos by kidnapping G'Loona and tying her up near the Forever Rock to lure the other warriors out of their respective temples and villages, putting them at the mercy of the wild wolves. Like most of his plans, it does not succeed, even with additional planning from Crooler.

The event also causes skunks, including Skinnet, to have sweet-smelling stink that causes flowers to bloom. Those who smell the gas are lulled into a deep state of tranquility for a short time, making it an excellent defense against the wolves. All of the other tribes go into lock-down mode when this event occurs.