Gorillas Gone Wild
Gorillas Gone Wild
Season 1, Episode 9
Vital statistics
Air date August 28, 2013
Written by John Derevlany
Directed by Peder Pedersen
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Not to be confused with Gorillas Gone Bananas .

Gorillas Gone Wild is the 9 episode in the Legend of Chima and the 9th episode in season 1.


While practicing his spear fighting techniques, Cragger disrupts Crooler, who tells him to go play somewhere else. He ends up going to the gorilla forest and starts cutting down trees. Meanwhile, what seems like most of the gorilla tribe is meditating in a giant flower aptly named the "tower flower" that is supposed to bring around something called "the great mellow" which probably means something like ultimate peace and harmony will come to Chima if this happens. Cragger, not knowing any of this cuts it down. The gorillas are now very angry at the crocs and actually launch an attack. The lions and eagles follow them into the swamp but the gorillas are soon cornered and fired upon by the crocs. Cragger's forces soon over power the three tribes. Cragger then finds Laval hovering over the water using bellow plants and fires arrows at them but Laval falls into shallow water and throws Cragger into a tree along with Crooler. Eventually by working together the lions eagles and gorillas gain the upper hand as the gorillas are lifted into the air by the eagles and soon defeat the crocs while Cragger and Crooler are left stuck in a tree.


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