Each month, when the Chi Orbs are harvested, one special orb of Golden Chi is produced. 

Golden chi

Unlike regular Chi, Golden Chi never loses it power. Golden Chi also has the unique power to reshape and create elaborate structures from nothing.

As one could guess, every tribe wants the Golden Chi. To keep things fair, the Lions hold a monthly race for it. The winner of the race keep the Golden Chi for their tribe.

Race day is an exciting day in Chima. Tribes come from all over to watch the races and shop in the marketplace that springs up every month. The most talented warrior in each tribe jumps on a Speedor and tries to win the race.

The Lions use the Golden Chi to create the racetrack each month. It's impossible to predict what kind of track the Golden Chi will form. Each racetrack is completely different, but there seems to be a standard template, such as a ramped track, a water-heavy track, and at least once, a track intended for jousting.

After episode 8, a new competitor by the name of ShadoWind has consistently won the Golden Chi.


Golden Chi has multiple powers, but only one has truly been shown on screen: The power to change the landscape, this is shown when the Golden Chi creates the Speedor Tracks. A natural rock formation is shown in episode 16, and the Golden Chi has the power to fill in artificial structures, this was shown in episode 11, of note is that this particular orb was no larger than a standard orb.


  • As of now it is unknown as to whether Golden Chi can be inserted into an animal's chest.
  • It has been suggested that Golden Chi is actually Fire Chi, this has not been confirmed or denied, but is supported by the fact that the Phoenix Tribe has an easier time manipulating Golden Chi.
  • Golden Chi seems to be meant for construction purposes, but all the while more powerful than normal Chi.