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Confusion, mistrust, deception. That's my specialty!
— Furty the Fox[1]
Personal Information
Name Furty
Weapon(s) CHI Whippa
Vehicle(s) Huntor Foxari Speedor
Biological Information
Gender Male
Tribe Fox Tribe
First Episode Foxtrot
First Product 70111 Swamp Jump

Furty is a young member of the Fox Tribe.


A young orphan … VERY clever and street smart. He is his own boss, thinks of him first but always end up doing the right thing because of a big heart. A clever little and charismatic thief.[2]

Furty the Fox is one of Chima's most cunning animals. He is said to be related to the Wolves, but he couldn't be more different from them. Furty's a loner. Orphaned at an early age, he quickly learned to take care of number one.

Despite his self-centered nature, Furty seems so innocent that he's easily able to convince others to do what he wishes. He just gives them a little nudge in the right direction... and lets them do the rest. If he's found out, he's almost always forgiven - there's something so harmless about him that the other animals just can't stay mad.[3]

  • Fighting Style: Sly like a fox
  • Hobbies: Blending into a big crowd... so he can make mishief
  • Dislikes: Getting caught making mischief

Episode Appearances

  • Incomplete


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