For Chima!
For Chima!
Season 1, Episode 20
Vital statistics
Air date December 5, 2013
Written by John Derevlany
Directed by Peder Pedersen
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Chima Falls Into the Outlands

For Chima! is the 20th episode of the Legends of Chima TV Series and is the final episode of season one.


The Crocodile, Wolf, Raven, and Rhino Tribes make their big attack on the Lion city. Laval calls the Eagle, Gorilla, and Bear tribes for help, but the Bears sleep through it. Laval and Cragger make a short battle on the Lion Temple. But the temple closes and Laval and Cragger fall. As they both think they will pass away, they both remember what such good friends they were, turning Cragger good again. Everyone expected Laval to be dead. But at the end of the battle, Laval returns on the Crocodile Legend Beast back as well as Queen Crunket . Laval explains how ShadoWind led him to the Legend Beast. After ShadoWind lead him to the Legend Beast, he spoke two words: "For Chima!" The Legend Beast was trapped by one of the Crawlers. Queen Crunket (who was on the Crocodile Legend Beast) explains that these Crawlers have trapped all the Legend Beasts and King Crominus. She also explained that the Crawlers were responsible for blocking the Chi falls. Later, the eight main tribe warriors head over to the Forever Rock where they get ready to go to the Outlands in order to save Chima.


Errors & Goofs

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  • This is the first time a lion is shown without their head gear.
  • This is ShadoWind's first time speaking.