Flying Phoenix Flame Bastion
Blazing Bastion
Personal Information
Name Flying Phoenix Flame Bastion
Other Name(s) Blazing Bastion
The Phoenix Temple
Owner(s) Foltrax
Vehicle Type Land & Air
Built By Phoenix Tribe
Built For Phoenix Tribe
Abilities/Used For Air Assault
Melts Ice
First Product 70146 Flying Phoenix Fire Temple

The Flying Phoenix Flame Bastion also known as The Phoenix Temple, is the home of the Phoenix Tribe, the ancient guardians of Chima, and the Cat Guards. It stores the powerful CHI known as Fire CHI.


A building that can fly?! Only the power of the Phoenix Tribe could pull it off! In times of trouble, the ancient Phoenix Temple can use Fire CHI to reconfigure itself into a gigantic flying fortress and blast off into the sky. In this form, the Flying Phoenix Flame Bastion aka the Blazing Bastion soars over CHIMA, melting frozen fortifications and helping to end the reign of the Ice Tribes with its fireball cannons and blaze bombs. For years its pilot Foltrax has been wanting to see what the Blazing Bastion could do but, because the Phoenix city was hidden, he wasn't allowed. But now that he has the freedom to fly, he intends to take advantage of it.