Fire Valious

Fire Valious

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Personal Information
Name Fire Valious
Other Name(s) Golden Valious
Owner(s) Laval
Weapon Type Sword
Forged By Lion Tribe
Forged For Lion Royalty
Abilities Slices Rock & Iron

The Fire Valious is Laval's orginal sword charged with the energy of fire CHI. It can slice through rock and iron, so almost nothing can stop a warrior carrying this fiery blade!


  • Oddly, Laval's blade has changed from the Shado Valious back to his original Royal Valious. Why this has occured is unknown, but it is likely that the Shado Valious was put on display.
  • The Fire Valious can act as a short ranged flamethrower, this is best seen in episode 33, where Laval uses it to free Mungus from a block of ice.
  • Its name is a play on the word Valiant as in a valiant effort.
  • Oddly, in the Christmas Special, Laval is carrying a normal Valious instead of the fire Valious, this may be becuase of the Phoenix ascension.


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