Gender Unknown
Position Scholar and Botanist
Tribe Unknown
Weapons Unknown
Other attributes
Personality Unknown
Friends Unknown
Ehboni is a member of the Eagle Tribe.


Ehboni only appears in Legends of Chima Online.

Ehboni is an Eagle who lives in Eagles' End. She is one of the last Black Eagles, great scholars who value knowledge more than anything and put their studies before even eating and sleeping sometimes. Ehboni is a botanist, and she minors in mysticism. This made her an obvious target for Reegull, who wanted to find the Tears of Cavora.

She was kidnapped by Reegull and guarded by Rizzo, but Elida and her ally eventually save her. Ehboni then shows them to the great Eagle fortress where she does her studying, much to the delight of Elida, who thinks the Eagle Scholars are amazing. Ehboni, Elida, and the player venture around Chima finding the Tears of Cavora before Reegull can use them.


Ehboni wears gold plated clothing like most other Eagles. Most of her feathers are black, although she has some blue ones.


  • Legends of Chima Online