Personal Information
Name Eglaxxor
Owner(s) Eris (TV Series)
Equila (Lego Sets)
Weapon Type Axe
Forged By Eagle Tribe
Forged For Eagle Tribe Royalty

The Eglaxxor is the first royal weapon created by the Eagle tribe. The two blades are perfectly balanced, just like a fast body needs a fast mind to stay balanced. Equila considers it a great honor to be its guardian. When not in use, it is kept in a high tech, top security vault in the Eagles' cliff dwellings. Here, the Eagles' weapons master makes sure it can rest, recharge and receive the best care.


  • In most sets the handle is brown, indicating there are similar weapons, however, Equila can be seen using the real one in Wakz' pack tracker. In some episodes, the dark tribes have been shown using stone versions of the weapon and Li'Ella uses a similar weapon, the Roarburn, basically the Fire Chi version of the Eglaxxor.
  • Equila's bio seems to suggest that he's the weapons master.