Dual Shadoglok
Dual Shadoglok
Personal Information
Name Dual Shadoglok
Other Name(s) Shadoglok(s)
Owner(s) Lavertus
Weapon Type Cannons
Forged By Lavertus

His time in exile within the wild Outlands has given Lavertus plenty of time to tinker and experiment with new weaponry. Two of his most clever creations are the Shadogloks, a pair of twin hand-cannons that he uses to defend his unusual home from any plants or creatures that try to attack it.


  • The name 'Shadoglok' could be a reference to a real world firearm manufacturer Glock, known for making reliable pistols.
  • The Shadoglok bears a striking resemblance to the dual MaCHIguns seen in Lavertus' twin blade.

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