Chip is a rock that appears in several episodes.
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"And, of course, you remember Chip."


Chip is first seen in "Laval in Exile" when he is gifted to Laval by Rhogon before entering exile and leaving Chima for the Outlands. After Laval receives the Pledge of the Pack from ShadoWind, he infiltrates the Crocs' Hideout. Laval throes Chip at a lever, closing the main gate and allowing Laval to inter the base while evading the guards.

Chip later appears in "Into the Outlands," where it is revealed that Rhogon retrieved him and brought him along with a plethora of other rocks, including "Rocky," "Stone," "Slab," and "Flint." When Laval tells Rhogon that "there are rocks all over the outlands," Rhogon decides to open the door to his tank to make room, and the rocks, presumably including Chip, tumble out onto the flesh-eating plants, allowing Gorzan to retrieve Skinnet's "Skunk-in-a-can" which is used to gag the plants and free Bladvic.


Chip is a medium-sized rock, silghtly smaller than monst of the character's heads. He is covered in distrinctly sharp ridges, suggesting he is an igneus rock. This could be why he is so durable and reveared by the rhinos.

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