CHI Bangers
CHI Bangers
Personal Information
Name CHI Bangers
Owner(s) Laval
Forged For Outlands Survival

In the mysterious and perilous Outlands, even innocent-looking vegetation may be a grave danger. When hurled at a target, these CHI-powered weapons release an explosive charge of energy on contact that can stun carnivorous plants long enough to escape their snapping leaves and ensnaring vines. Just make sure you don’t trip and fall while carrying them, or you might be the one who gets a shock!


  • The Chi bangers' name might be based off the flash-bang, a stun grenade used by most modern milatary and police forces.
  • The Chi-banger itself resembles a German World War 2 era Potato masher, further referenced by Lavertus when he calls it a stick grenade in the TV series, a common moniker for them.
  • Oddly, the Chi-Bangers return in Episode 34, recolored oranage and black, Tormak used them to shut the tunnels that the Ice Hunters were attacking from.