Breezor is part of the Beaver Tribe .


Breezor is the head of the Beaver Tribe. He is white and part of the Elder Council. Like all beavers, he loves fixing. He is seen in The Joyride and Chima falls.

Breezor is one of the beaver tribe.beavers always fix stuff if something is broken.were they are fixing the new base of cragger but laval and eris are triying to stop them but laval let them fix his dad s' speedors  and the beavers are happy especially breezor and while there fixing something laval is triying to stop his best friend cragger (last time).


  • Beavers are always fixing stuff
  • Beavers are always crazy because of fixing stuff
  • Unlike other beavers Breezor is only the beaver that has white fur.
  • Beavers dont attack they always fixing stuff to anybody even to the crocodile tribe but if you stop them from fixing they will be angry. The beavers always fix stuff but laval thinks it's crazy.