Personal Information
Name Bazooklaw
Owner(s) Ravens
Weapon Type Bazooka
Forged From Claw, Sonar Disc
Forged By Ravens
Forged For Battle
Abilities Devastating pulse when fired
First Product 70003 Eris' Eagle Interceptor

The Bazooklaw design is inspired by the Slashersekt. The claw was a "gift" from the wolf blacksmith, the sonar disc was "borrowed" from the Eagles, and the combination makes for a nifty little weapon you can easily operate with one hand. In case the other hand is tied behind your back. Or in the process of stealing new things from unsuspecting donors. When triggered, the Bazooklaw builds up a charge of powerful energy and fires a devastating pulse. It takes a while to recharge, so make sure you aim right the first time!


  • It's name is a combination of 'bazooka' a type of rocket launcher, and 'claw'.