Attack on Eagle Spire
Attack on Eagle Spire
Season 1, Episode 6
Vital statistics
Air date July 31, 2013
Written by John Derevlany
Directed by Peder Pedersen
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Attack on the Eagle Spire is the 6th episode in the Legend of Chima and the 6th episode in season 1.


Cragger and Crooler wanted to make sure the Eagle Tribe didn't get in the way of their battles with the Lion Tribe any longer. Crooler got the idea into Cragger's head to attack the Eagle Spire. Crawley attempted to teach the Crocs how to use Bellow Plants to fly up to the spire, but they kept failing. Crooler had another wicked idea: she hired Ripnik, the master thief of the Raven Tribe, to sneak in to the Wolf Combat Lair and steal the Mother Tooth, the last remaining relic of the Wolf Legend Beast. Ripnik left one of Eris' feathers near the holding point, so the Wolves would think the Eagles stole it, which was exactly what happened. They went to Cragger, furious, demanding his help to attack the Eagle Spire. The Crocs hooked up chains to the spire so when the Wolves attacked, they would "shake" the birds out of their tower. During the attack, Laval called for Lion reinforcements, but they weren't up to the fight. Laval and Eris went to the Ravens to fly their army up to the spire. After the battle, Ripnik stole the Mother Tooth from Cragger's Command Ship. Laval and Eris caught him as soon as possible. Ripnik dropped the Mother Tooth in the center of the Wolves facing off against the Lions and Eagles. The Wolves then slid back down to Chima on the giant chains, resulting in a victory for the Lions and Eagles.


Errors & Goofs

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  • This episode continues the plot Cragger and Crooler planned at the end of Market Day.


  • A similar event happend in Laval's Journey.
  • This is Wonald's first appearance.
  • This is arguably Rawzom's first time speaking in the series, however he speaks gibberish, which is supposed to show how shocked he is of the reveal of the Crocks plans.