Flee from Scutter with the CHI in Lavertus’ Twin Blade!
Lavertus Twin Blade

70129 Lavertus Twin Blade packaging

70129 Lavertus Twin Blade

70129 Lavertus Twin Blade features

Product Information
Name Lavertus Twin Blade
Set Number 70129
# of Lego Pieces 183
Minifigure(s) Lavertus
Model(s) Twin Blade
Retail Information
Price(s) 19.99 US
24.99 CAD

Lavertus has the CHI and is looking to escape from Scutter in his super-cool Twin Blade helicopter. Clip the dual maCHIguns to the side of the helicopter and place Lavertus in the pilot’s seat. Press the mechanism trigger to make the rotor blades whizz around and zoom skywards. But beware – Scutter has got a Sting Hammer and is jumping up to try to steal the CHI. Includes 2 minifigures with weapons: Lavertus and Scutter.