The Lion Chi Temple is the main Lion fortress and is located around a hill situated below Mount Cavora, allowing the Lions to collect the precious Chi. The set version MSRP is 119:99 USD and contains 1298 pieces. The set version also includes Ewald, LavalLongtooth, Lagravis, Crawley, Cragger, and Razar. The Lion's built there Temple around the sacred pool of Chi.


  • The Temple has a Map room, this appears in both the TV Series and the set, making for a small case continuity between the two.
  • Despite being yellowish white in the TV Series, the set itself has a primary orangish yellow color. This was noted by one of the designers as being the first yellow castle in thirty years.
  • The Lion Chi temple is the second set to include a piece of Golden Chi, with the first being 70011 Eagle's Castle Speedor set, and the third being 70133 Spinlyn's Cavern.