Eglor's Twin Bike

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Product Information
Name Eglor's Twin Bike
Set Number 70007
# of Lego Pieces 223
Minifigure(s) Eglor
Model(s) Twin Bike
Retail Information
Release Date(s) 2013
Price(s) $24.99

70007 Eglor's Twin Bike is a LEGO:Legends of Chima set released in 2013. Description

Protect the CHI on land and in the air with Eglor’s Twin Bike!

Patrol the Eagle territory on Eglor’s Twin Bike with big, all-terrain wheels, CHI-powered engines and eagle detailing. If Razcal swoops down to grab the CHI in his raven helicopter, activate the eagle flying mode function and get it back! Includes 2 minifigures with weapons: Eglor and Razcal.

  • Includes 2 minifigures with weapons: Eglor and Razcal
  • Features big, all-terrain wheels, CHI-powered engines, eagle detailing and an adjustable flying mode function
  • Includes Razcal’s raven helicopter featuring spinning feather-style rotors
  • Also includes 2 CHI weapons
  • Activate the eagle flying mode function and soar!
  • Pose the wings, tail and claws
  • Protect the Eagle tribe’s CHI!
  • Bike mode measures over 2” (7 cm) high, 8” (21 cm) long and 2” (7 cm) wide
  • Flyer mode measures over 2” (7 cm) high, 7” (19 cm) long and 8” (21 cm) wide
  • Razcal’s raven helicopter measures over 2” (6 cm) high, 5” (13 cm) long and 5” (13 cm) wide


  • Oddly, Razcal has a helicopter/jeptpack in this set, despite being able to fly already. This is made even odder because one needs to remove his wings to attach the pack. This inconveniece is also present in the Lego version of Eris' Eagle Interceptor.
  • The Twin Bike's name is a reference to its alternate 'Jet mode', this is present in both the TV Series and set.
  • It is a difficult vehicle to modify, but suggested mods are adding orbs of CHI to the wheels so they resemble royal shields, another mod is adding a 2x4 black plate underneath the "tail mount" and removing the sloped black piece, making an extra seat.
  • The weapon Eglor uses is the same weapon Eris used in episode one, despite these appearances, they have no official name.

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