Wakz' Pack Tracker

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Product Information
Name Wakz' Pack Tracker
Set Number 70004
# of Lego Pieces 297
Model(s) Pack Tracker
Retail Information
Release Date(s) 2013
Price(s) $29.99

70004 Wakz' Pack Tracker is a LEGO Legends of Chima set that released in 2013. It is the fifth set in the 2013 wave and has 297 pieces, retailing for $29.99. Description

Track down the CHI in the all-terrain Pack Tracker!

Team up to hunt down Equila and take the CHI in the awesome all-terrain Pack Tracker! Lead the pack and race over even the roughest terrain with amazing wolf detailing, huge clawed wheels, biting jaws and a wolf shooter! Use the working suspension and functioning rear winch to pull the wolf truck out of trouble as Wakz and Winzar track Equila to claim the CHI for their tribe! Includes 3 minifigures with assorted weapons.


  • Includes 3 minifigures: Wakz, Winzar and Equila
  • Features CHI, wolf detailing, clawed wheels, biting jaws, wolf shooter, tough suspension and functioning rear winch
  • Weapons include 2 CHI weapons and a standard weapon
  • Ride over even the roughest terrain!
  • Fire the wolf shooter!
  • Pull the wolf truck out of trouble with the working winch!
  • Collect more CHI for the Wolf tribe!
  • Measures over 6” (17 cm) high, 7” (20 cm) long and 6” (16 cm) wide

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